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Guelph Plumber - Tips for Avoiding Winter Plumbing Leaks

Tips for Avoiding Winter Plumbing Leaks

With the temperature outside well below freezing and snow covering the ground, it is important to be diligent about checking your water pipes to avoid any plumbing issues. Many problems can occur during harsh weather conditions, which is why you should alert any problems to a trusted professional before they get worse.

So, to help provide some insight, your local Guelph plumber with Local Own Comfort has listed some useful tips for avoiding winter water plumbing leaks.

Tip #1: Protect Your Water Pipes From Freezing

If you have uninsulated water pipes your home could risk major water damage if those pipes were to freeze. In conditions below 0 degrees Celsius, the water inside your pipes could freeze, which could cause the entire pipe to become frozen. This causes a problem because a frozen pipe could burst open easily, which could create flooding inside your home. If you have uninsulated pipes, be sure and purchase a foam tube and wrap your pipes in this foam to help insulate them better. If you do have a burst pipe, be sure to call your local Guelph plumber immediately to come fix your problem before it gets worse.

 Tip #2: Disconnect Your Outdoor Hose

With temperatures as cold as they are now, there is no need to have your lawn hose outside. If you keep your hose connected to your main water unit, these pipes could freeze and ultimately affect the water distribution throughout the house. So instead, disconnect your hose and put it away until the springtime.

Tip #3: Fix Any Current Leaks Now

Even if you have a minor leak, you will want to call a Guelph plumber immediately to prevent any more problems from occurring in the future. Having a small leak in the wintertime could largely affect your water supply, so thoroughly check your home of any leaks. You will also want to shut off any pipes that lead to the outdoors to prevent from freezing.

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