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Guelph Water Heater - How to Know if Yours is Broken

How to Know if Your Water Heater is Broken

Most homeowners forget to make regular checks on their water heater, which can cause a huge problem down the road. Keeping up to date with your water heater and knowing if there is an issue is extremely important especially during the winter season. So to help prevent a problem from occurring, your local water heater contractor has listed three useful tips on how to know your water heater is going back and what you should do about it.

Tip #1: Check The Age Of Your Water Heater

If you cannot remember how old your water heater is, you can check this information by reviewing the serial number on the back. Most water heaters have a similar code that tells you how old the heater is. For instance, say the serial number is C071052638, this means that your water heater was made in March 2007 since C is the third letter of the alphabet, which means March and the next two numbers read 07, which means it was manufactured in 2007.

Once you when your water heater was made, you can figure out how old it is Most heaters last for approximately ten years, so if your heater is older than that, it may be time to replace it.

Tip #2: Rust In The Water

If your heater is producing rust in the water, it may mean that it’s time to change out your heater or the rust could be coming from the pipes. To see whether or not you need to replace your heater, drain the water using a five-pound bucket. Fill your bucket up three times and if rust is still appearing in the water by the third bucket, it might be a good idea to get a new Guelph water heater.

Tip #3: Is Your Water Heater Making Noise?

If your water heater is making noise then this could be an indication that it needs to be replaced. The older a water heater gets, the more likely sediment is able to build up and sit inside your tank. This deposit accumulation can cause your water heater to make noises, which can then cause your heater to stop working properly.

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